Upgrading your virtuaal character: gaming or gambling?

Jan 18, 2021

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Gaming is an activity that not only brings the fun side in you, but also helps to relax you after a long tiring day. Many games on the iOS and Android platforms are available free to download; the player can either watch ads or play minigames to collect points that can be used to progress with the games. 

How do the minigames work like gambling?

The minigame may have fruit machines, pokers, rummies, and wheels of fortune that allow them to increase their virtual money. The player can use the virtual money to upgrade some aspects of the game like changing the skin, changing the character; unlocking more features, upgrading the costumes and weapons, buying more stuff inside the game, and adding more maps and access to more geographical regions. However, some minigames may not seem like a gambling point, but they, too, persuade the player to collect points that can be redeemed for making upgrades and purchases. 

Why is in-game gambling such a concern?

The current regulations on virtual gambling have a rigorous definition. The definition enables a game to be classified under gambling and imposed under its rules that has to allow the users to convert the won money into cash. 

However, there are many who support that in-game gambling should be considered under gambling rules because there are no clear disclaimers that the players would have to spend money, which allows access even to minors. 

Besides, children who are addicted to such games continue progressing in it using real money for the transaction. The source of the transaction is usually either bank accounts or credit cards. Children under 18 usually do not have such financial sources and use their parents’ accounts and cards.

Another claim indicating the gambling nature of such games is that some of them offer mystery boxes that can be unlocked using actual cash payments. The mystery boxes don’t display the contents; this makes them more of a gambling or lottery nature. 

CS:GO Loot Boxes In France Will Show Contents Before Purchase - MMO Bomb

The above image shows a loot box from Counterstrike Global Offensive that asks for cash for its unboxing.

Some of these games allow playing the game free of cost, even without ads. The players don’t even have to open the loot boxes for playing them; however, they lie unopened in the inventory. This further creates a compulsion to get rid of them, i.e., by paying for opening them.

The above image shows a player’s inventory with unopened boxes.

Playing in-game gambling on a network is regarded as a form of online gambling by some people, and there are attempts to bring such games under the regulation of gambling games. 


It is thus time to upgrade your virtual character from gaming to gambling. Offering a wide array of opportunities, perks and bonuses, gambling thus offers a varied opportunity you cannot make most of. We thank the experts from Exycasinos for helping us in preparing this article. If you are interested in gambling theme you can visit their online gambling page and find useful information. Upgrade the virtual character and make your fun gaming nights even more memorable. 


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