‘Venom’ Seeking Hipsters and Medical Staff Extras – Is Jenny Slate Playing Dr. Kafka?

Oct 12, 2017

Sony is currently casting extras for Venom which include some hipsters and medical staff (who need experience in the medical field), the latter seems like they could be connected to Jenny Slate‘s unnamed scientist role.

What exactly could Slate’s role be if it’s large enough to be announced alongside other key actors?

It’s possible Jenny could be playing a version of Ravencroft doctor Dr. Ashley Kafka, who is more of a heroic figure but was gender-switched to become a villain in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Something that did anger a lot of die-hard fans, considering the limited amount of female characters in the franchise.

In the 90’s animated series, Ashley attempted to help Brock separate from the symbiote and the two fall in love. The film’s villain is said to be criminally insane Cletus Kasady aka Carnage which makes Ashley and Ravencroft’s involvement more likely. Dr. Kafka attempts to rehabilitate criminals, unlike her sadistic male counterpart.

Another option could be Dr.Tanis Nieves, a psychiatrist at Ravencroft that bonds with Carnage (becoming a female host for the villain) and eventually gets her own symbiote calling herself Scorn. If they wanted to make Carnage a female villain this could be a route to go. Michelle Williams is playing Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying, who becomes She-Venom, this leaves the door open for multiple symbiotes.



Here is the Venom casting call we talked about at the top.

We’ve been under the impression via the film’s working title Antidote, that Brock’s origin could be changed to have the symbiote possibly created in a lab. Not unlike the Ulitmate version of the character. Ths angle was already teased in Amazing Spider-Man 2 as symbiote was one of the many experiments taking place at Oscorp.

Previous casting calls have sought out mercenaries and Asian extras. Giving the impression a large chunk of the film will be taking place outside of New York City.

Production takes place on October 23rd until sometime in February. Venom’s release date has been set by Sony for October 5th, 2018.


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