Vince Vaughn Spotted Near ‘Deadpool 2’ Set – Just A Coincidence?

Vancouver is quickly becoming a hot-bed for productions lately and spotting actors around town is quite common. Not unlike other cities like LA, Atlanta, New York, and London.

Well, Vince Vaughn (True Detective, Hacksaw Ridge) has been seen walking by the Deadpool 2 set today in Vancouver as claimed by @66mitchell.


It could be nothing but a coincidence as we got clarification from video’s poster, Vince was just walking by and wasn’t hanging around for set ups. The poster (a friend to us) has been consistently getting video and images from the set, so trustworthy.

Vince was recently in Italy at the Venice Film Festival for Brawl In Cell Block 99 and he’s also shooting Mel Gibson’s Dragged Across Concrete in Vancouver. We know he’s been in the city shooting Concrete currently.

We know he’s been in the city shooting Concrete currently. Normally, actors don’t shoot two projects at the same time.

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Yet, the fan in me is thinking, what if?

Actors Julian Dennison and Eddie Marsan were never officially announced as joining Deadpool 2 until they were already shooting scenes on set. Ryan Reynolds outed Dennison and Eddie outed himself on Twitter.

We’d personally love to see Vaughn join the Deadpool/X-Force world since he’s got a mouth to give Ryan a run for his money, but it’s likely just another celebrity sighting.

Deadpool 2 is set for release June 1st, 2018.

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