Void Trip #1 Review

Void Trip #1
Image Comics

Story by: Ryan O’Sullivan
Art/Cover by: Plaid Klaud
Lettered by: Aditya Bidikar

This is definitely a trip. In more ways than one! Void Trip is a journey through space with two very tripped out kids, Ana and Gabe. Their final destination is a place called Euphoria. Loaded on psychedelics, they come across a few speed bumps. They also don’t realize there’s a major threat ahead.

This book takes you on a crazy ride. It’s like a young Cheech and Chong meets Sci fi meets..well something brand new. I Love Ana’s character. She’s like a young wreckless hippy who’s really passionate about her cause, and also her drugs. Gabe is more the voice of reason but follows her lead. I really enjoyed the amazingly descriptive art.

The way Klaud drew Ana jumping up and down in excitement was just perfect. The sinister subplot actually gave me chills. There’s one particular part I’m curious about and I’m super excited for the next issue to get my answers. A Villain so evil, his name mustn’t be spoken. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys fun comics also science fiction. It’s definitely unique and fresh.

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