Wait, metas are humans too? — ‘Adventures of Supergirl’ Chapter 3 (Review)

Feb 23, 2016


adventures-of-supergirl-chapter-3Adventures of Supergirl chapter 3
DC Comics

Written by: Sterling Gates
Art by: Bengal, Jonboy Meyers, Emanuela Lupacchino and Emma Vieceli

I have an early apology but I don’t ever have a chance to talk Supergirl, the TV show, as much as I’d like to because it has been really fantastic since the end of November. Sterling Gates’ Adventures of Supergirl has given me another way to have more Supergirl, so thank you, sir.

What I really like most about her character is how endearing she is, and Gates writes her so well. I’d argue perfectly, even. The Kal-el/Superman-like anger she imbues, which can easily be overlooked due to temptation to write more about the flawed Kara side, is spot-on on.

What also helps is the kick-ass art month-in and month-out. It’s so crisply detailed and colorful that I find myself in awe and completely drawn in panel-to-panel and page-to-page. Instead of me from review-to-review (noticing a pattern?) constantly being gaga over how great this comic is, despite a bit of an unnecessarily slow start. I want to spend a little time on something Gates did this issue that none of the Greg Berlanti shows have really accomplished within its metahuman of the week format.

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And that’s never giving the main heroes a backseat every once and awhile, and simply focusing in on a little backstory for the evil metas. Some heart and soul would do them good because they also happen to be afflicted with a similar ailment as the hero most of the time.

Rampage’s story is heartfelt and made her appearance and condition all the more horrifying. Plus, Supergirl showed a wonderful shift in her reaction toward her too. She starts off wanting to completely annihilate the cage she’s barred into, to then having sympathy. That was touching and made Supergirl contemplate her relationships with all the people in her life, as she often does. It’s intrinsically Supergirl because that’s when she combines Kara the human and Supergirl the savior together to become the ultimate hero.

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