Wandavision Episode 6 (Analysis and Spoiler Review)

Feb 12, 2021


Spoilers Ahead

Evan Peters shines as “Uncle pietro” and the mystery goes on with more questions than answers in Wandavision’s Halloween Episode

Wandavision’s previous episode was the best one yet. The main novelty of the episode was seeing Wanda and Vision deal with being parents: A unique approach for a Marvel superhero show which certainly took cues from The Incredibles. Wandavision started out as a slow burn but in episode 5, the tension built to a breaking point with even Vision at odds with Wanda. The shocking cameo appearance by Evan Peters as Quicksilver at the end just served to top off the episode in a fantastic manner. Now Wandavision returns with episode 6, the much anticipated Halloween episode which has been featured in the trailers. This holiday episode continues and directly addresses what was set up last episode. Episode 6 wisely focuses even more on the children and gives Evan Peters fantastic material to work with as fun “Uncle Pietro”. This episode may leave fans with more questions than answers but it sure is a delight to watch.

Evan Peters debuts in the mcu as “Uncle Pietro”

Wandavision opens this episode with another sitcom opening credits sequence. This time round, it serves as a homage to Malcolm in the Middle and Wandavision continues to amaze with its authenticity to sitcoms throughout all the eras. The opening credits sequence is a fun one showcasing Wanda’s and Vision’s family life but also Pietro Maximoff right off the bat. Pietro appeared right at the end of episode 5 as Wanda’s long lost brother but this time he is being played by Evan Peters. Peters played the character, also known as Quicksilver, in the X-Men films but Aaron Taylor-Johnson was the MCU version of the character who died in Age of Ultron. That certainly is a surprise and there are so many theories about Peters’s appearance in Wandavision online.

Episode 6 does not provide many answers as to why Peters’s character is here and even who he really is. What we do know though is that this is not just a simple recast. Peters’s character seems to have the memories of the MCU version of the character and he also seems to be in complete control unlike other characters in the sitcom fantasy. Pietro explains his appearance by saying that he is just doing his part in the holiday episode as Wanda wanted. He knows that Wanda made this reality and even talks to her about it. There is a lot to theorise about in this episode and it is easy to read into particular lines one way or another. Fans can debate all they want about whether Evan Peters is Mephisto, the Fox Quicksilver, or someone completely different but it is just incredible that Marvel brought the actor to the MCU. Bringing the actor who played Quicksilver in the X-Men films and getting him to play a version of the character in the MCU is crazy but in all the right ways. The writers are clearly having a lot of fun and that reference to Kick-Ass, a film which both Peters and Taylor-Johnson starred, says it all. And Peters’s acting and comedic chops this episode are pitch perfect. He is simply a delight to watch in the role of fun “Uncle Pietro” who goes trick or treating with the children.

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Wiccan and Speed

In episode 6, there is even more of a focus on Tommy and Billy. The two children get a lot of scenes with Pietro and the show does well to balance the darker moments with fun moments such as the children stealing candy with Quicksilver here. Fans have also been wondering whether Tommy and Billy would stay on in the MCU beyond Wandavision. That looks to be the case in this episode as Tommy gets superspeed like Quicksilver and Billy gets magical powers like Wanda. This could be a sign that the MCU will form the young Avengers in the future as Billy and Tommy are members in the comics as Wiccan and Speed respectively.

Vision ventures beyond the hex

The stakes just keep getting bigger in Wandavision and episode 6 features the most climactic scene of the show so far. That is Vision exiting the Hex. The last few episodes have seen Vision start to doubt his reality and now this episode he actually seeks to venture beyond Westview into the real world. What triggers this is Vision seeing Agnes in her car near the boundary between Westview and the real world. Agnes is wearing a witch hat which is yet another indication that she is in fact the witch, Agatha Harkness, as many online have theorised. The first 6 episodes of Wandavision have provided a lot to theorise about but Wandavision has yet to provide any answers. Episode 6 does not push forward the story in that way but what it does do is up the stakes as Wanda expands the Hex to engulf the SWORD facility as well and many of the SWORD agents. She does this to save Vision after he is ripped apart after exiting the Hex. Another interesting detail on the SWORD side of things is that Director Hayward appears to be taking up the role of central antagonist. He is determined to take out Wanda and recover Vision’s body for experimentation. Wandavision ends its 2nd Act on a high but with so many questions that need to be addressed and plot threads that need to be resolved. So far the show has done a fantastic job at building up the mystery and Marvel most likely can be trusted to handle the final act well.

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Whilst episode 6 of Wandavision does not provide any answers to fans’s burning questions, it certainly is the most enjoyable episode yet. After his surprise appearance at the end of the previous episode, Evan Peters has a big role this episode and has fantastic comedic acting chops. We still do not know why he is in Wandavision and even who he really is but Peters regardless makes a mark this episode. Wanda’s children, Tommy and Billy, also get a lot to do this episode. They get their own special powers and if the episode has proved anything, it’s that they deserve future appearances in the MCU as Speed and Wiccan like in the comics. The tension just keeps building with Wandavision as Vision this episode tries to leave Westview and it ends with the Hex engulfing the SWORD facility and crew. The weekly release format was a genius move by Marvel as there is so much conversation about the show online every week in anticipation of the next episode. It is crazy that we still do not have many answers after episode 6 and it certainly seems like Marvel is saving the major revelations for the last three episodes. And that makes sense as episode 6 wraps up Act 2 of Wandavision. With the Hex having now engulfed the SWORD campus, Wandavision has upped the stakes and the next three episodes must wrap up the show in a satisfactory manner.

Rating: 8.5/10.0


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