Live Warframe The New War gameplay reveal at TennoCon 2021

Jul 13, 2021

Live Warframe Gameplay reveal at TennoCon 2021 + free loki Prime

This long awaited Warframe The New War release is rewarding players with a slew of new armor, weapons, skins and much more. The exclusive rewards are available only to those who watch the release event live on Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

TennoCon is just around the corner! On July 17, join Digital Extremes to watch The New War content expansion’s world-reveal. For those who can’t attend, be sure to tune in online at 5 PM ET for a live stream of TennoCon and get your hands on a Prime Warframe.

Warframe is rewarding players with several premium and exclusive items for watching TennoLive. Additionally, players will be treated to new reveals from Lotus voice actor and event host Rebecca Ford during the stream- including a designed Warframe emblem by player Steve Sinclair!

Visit for additional in-game rewards plus detailed schedule of events, programming info and merchandise that you can’t miss out on at this year’s showpiece finale!

Free Warframe The New War Gear for Watching

Twitch and Steam Drop During TennoCon awarded for watching thirty consecutive minutes between 12:30 p.m. ET – 5:00 p.m.

Vastilok Gunblade Weapon

ET In-Game Relay Event Reward During TennoLive Segment awarded at the end of the TennoLive in-game Relay event for Warframe The New War

Tannukai Longsword Skin and Armor Set

Twitch and Steam Drop During TennoLive Segment awarded for watching thirty consecutive minutes between 5:00 p.m. ET – 7:00 p.m. ET

Loki Prime Warframe with Slot

Warframe TennoCon 2021 Teaser

About Warframe the new war

Warframe The New War is a third person shooter that can be played in cooperative mode, and features frenetic combat with visceral action. The game takes place in an ever-changing sci fi universe where players are challenged to collect or purchase different Warframes (character classes), weapons, companions, mechs and even starships! Players have the option of customizing their characters by choosing from various upgrades such as new armor sets.

Warframe is a game that can be enjoyed solo or in squads of up to four players. Players embark on cinematic quests across dozens of planets, three Open Worlds, and even the depths of deep space as they battle an evil force looking to destroy Origin system!