Warner Bros. Gives Filming Start Dates to ‘Space Jam 2’ & ‘Tom and Jerry’

Discussing Film has reported on two Warner Bros. films getting starting dates for filming: ‘Space Jam 2’ and ‘Tom and Jerry.’

‘Space Jam 2’ will begin filming on June 17th in California. ‘Tom and Jerry’ is eyeing to begin filming this July in England.

‘Space Jam 2’

Terence Nance (‘Random Acts of Flyness’) will direct ‘Space Jam 2.’ The screenplay, per the most recent update, is from Andrew Dodge (‘Bad Words,’ new ‘TMNT’ reboot). But, at this time, this is subject to change. However, LeBron James will star and produce, with Ryan Coogler on board to produce with him. Ryan Coogler wrote and directed ‘Fruitvale Station,’ ‘Creed,’ and Academy award nominated ‘Black Panther.’

My personal speculation involves the filming push of ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ to late fall. Now, the film will be missing the planned November 2020 release. Therefore, I believe ‘Space Jam 2’ will receive the November 20, 2020 date.

‘Tom and Jerry’

Tim Story (‘Ride Along’ and 2000’s ‘Fantastic Four’ franchises) will direct ‘Tom and Jerry.’ Story, who has worked in animation before, was talking to WB execs about what he was interested in doing next. When the cartoon property was brought up, he immediately mentioned his admiration for the characters and how he’d love tackling that property.

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The plan is to shoot in the real world with animated versions of the familiar cat and mouse duo. Further, Variety reported that since Tom and Jerry didn’t speak and relied on physical comedy to draw laughs, this version will stick to that style and not cast actors to voice the duo.

Moreover, it is unknown who wrote the screenplay for the film. Story’s next film is Warner Bros. ‘Shaft’ reboot, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Roundtree, and Jessie T. Usher, releasing June 14.

Source: Discussing Film (2) and The Hollywood Reporter and Variety

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