Was Chris Pine Suppose To Be Announced as ‘Green Lantern’ At San Diego Comic-Con?

Several months ago word hit that Star Trek star Chris Pine was being courted for a love interest role in DC Comics upcoming Wonder Woman as Steve Trevor. To many fans subtle dismay it seem like DC was really going after some heavy hitters for their films albeit even small roles. Then a small rumor popped up that Pine was also offered the role of Hal Jordan in DC Comics recently announced Green Lantern Corps film in 2020 including appearances in the future Justice League films. Nothing of course was official since the actor was contemplating which role to take but sources stating he was leaning towards Green Lantern because it’s a brand new franchise for him to start.

This past weekend during a very quick sizzle real revealing titles for the upcoming DC Universe many thought they saw concept art featuring Pine as Hal Jordan along the other Lanterns. This of course was never confirmed nor officially released by the guys at Warner Brothers so his role is still shrouded in mystery.

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Now something new has popped adding to the story of Pine joining the Justice League as the first Green Lantern. Several vendors form Virginia’s Comic-Con that will be held next month received emails regarding an upcoming variant cover for Green Lantern/Star Trek The Spectrum Wars #1. Apparently a new cover is going to be released exclusive at that comic-con showcasing Chris Pine face as both Hal Jordan and Captain Kirk. The email stated not to post anything about this until after the San Diego Comic-Con announcement for him joining the DCCU. Of course we know that never came but it may be due to just timing. He didn’t get to sign onto the film in time for the DC Comics panel announcement. But with VA Comic-Coin coming next month could DC Comics officially announce Chris Pine as Hal Jordan? That would make that variant cover even more special.


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