Anime Roulette on Roblox offers fun gameplay and rewards. Players can enhance their experience with special codes that unlock in-game bonuses and rare items.

Unlock Rewards in Anime Roulette

Start the game, find the codes icon, enter your code, and redeem rewards like cash and super rolls to enhance your gameplay.

How to Redeem Codes

Earning Cash with Codes

Use codes like “LUCKY” for cash rewards. Additional methods include daily logins, quests, and events for maximizing in-game currency.

Boosting Super Rolls

Redeem codes like “SUPER” for extra rolls. Participate in daily rewards, achievements, and events to increase chances of getting rare items.

Finding the Dragon Ball

Although Caesar is physically gone, his spirit and teachings linger, profoundly impacting the apes' society and leadership.

One-Eyed Ghoul Rarity

The One-Eyed Ghoul is a highly sought character due to its rarity. Use codes and events to boost your chances of obtaining it.

Locating Tami

Find Tami in central game areas for quests and rewards. Enter codes correctly for benefits and stay updated on new quests.