New X-Men animated series?

Are we getting a new X-Men animated series for Disney+? We think so and we have proof for it.

The source.

Sources close to TheGWW and inside Marvel Studios have informed us of an X-Men series in the works at Marvel.

New or old?

Now all we know is that we’re getting an X-Men series. This could mean 2 things either we’re getting a reboot of the 90s show, or a brand new version.

I think we'll get a new look at the X-Men as Kevin Feige has stated how much he likes the X-Men and I’m sure he would love to get hands on with bringing them into the MCU.

But It could also just pick up where the 90s version left off. As Larry Housten who was an animator on the 90s show said that himself and the old team of animators would come back if they let them.

From what we know this new(or old) show is set to begin production in 2023. As for the cast no one is sure of who is or will be playing in it.

Release dates and cast.

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