At long last,  the movie is scheduled for release on:  December 16,  2022

THE Avatar 2 MOVIE is a reality 

By Heather E. Houston

In an event fans thought would never come, Avatar 2 has a release date and amazing scenery to go along with all that anticipation

Avatar 2 is set to release Dec 16 on Disney+ and possibly theaters for audiences to revisit their favorite Na'vi race

It will be set in Pandora after the events of Avatar 1 once everything seems to have gotten back to normal

Sully and Neytiri have rebuilt and started a family when old faces return to finish what they started...

Avatar 2 MOvie continues with jake & neytiri

Stunning Visual Effects

The James Cameron directed movie promises the same stunning visual effects that we loved from the first movie. 

The Avatar 4 and 5 movies have been on hold pending the success of sequels 2 & 3 after the Disney acquisition.

Avatar 4 & 5 sequels on hold

James Cameron is famous for his demands on technology so we expect elaborate landscapes and amazing world building in the Avatar 2 movie. 

Blue Rings
Blue Rings

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