Despite the crypto winter,  Kumite NFT minted out all 9600 NFTs in a day.  Much of the collection went to the private allow list, but the public was able to mint almost 4000. 

The release has been highly anticipated since it's first appearance at NFT LA where founder Gareb Shamus spoke on a panel. 

What makes KumiteNFT unique is the depth of storytelling combined with the incredible art and roadmap for fans and gamers alike

The universe it populated by 8 families divided into heroes and villains from 3 eras set in the year 2050. They will do battle in a 4 round tournament. 

The Genesis Kumite NFT mint is just the beginning for Hero Maker Studios.  Backed by an accomplished team passionate about comics they are well positioned to bring comics into Web3.

If you missed the Kumite mint you can still pick an unrevealed (as of 6/18/22) NFT on Open Sea for around .10 ETH.  Once the characters are revealed, we'll be eagerly awaiting the tournament launch. 

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