DIFF Glasses

Okay so a few months ago I got myself the Dean Sunglasses, by DIFF Eye wear. And I have to say I’m surprised by how well these have done.

What is DIFF?

DIFF is an eye wear that donates a portion of all transactions to charity. Over the past six years, they’ve provided more than 2.7 million people with glasses. 


Over the past few months I’ve put my glasses through a rugged test and they survived without a single scratch, dent of crack on them!

What did I think?

I loved these glasses, almost more than my other pair. They’re durable, scratch resistant and come with more than most other glasses.

What does it come with?

Now with most glasses companies you might get a cloth to clean them. But with Diff you get a quality microfiber cloth and a sweet leather case to hold them.

Customer service

The Diff customer service is amazing! If there's any problems with your glasses it's super easy to send them back or swap them for a different pair.

Check them out!

If you liked reading this and want to go and take a look at Diff’s incredible glasses than click the link below!

Watch the video

If you wanted more context on these glasses after reading this than I suggest going and watching the full video about them! 

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