USDish has done their homework and sorted each of the United States Into their Harry Potter Houses

Someone must be a Ravenlcaw 🦅

Harry Potter is nicely settled in his 4th decade and to celebrate his birthday, albeit a couple of days late, we'll see where people felt they belonged. Need to be sorted? Click below...

So grab your wand and get ready to wizards' duel if you didn't get your way.  This Ravenclaw will be your second!

And Here it is...

This Map shows which Hogwarts' House each state is in and where they are in relation to each other.

Who was happy about their state's or personal sorting?

The majority of states were sorted into Slytherin but not all were happy about it.

The Harry Potter house people HOPED to be sorted into

While most were most curious about ambition and the intrigue that comes with Slytherin 🐍most asked the sorting hat to be sorted Gryffindor 🦁

Via Google Trends: which house was most searched by state the in the past 5 years.  1,000 people were polled .  Make sure to visit the full study by USDish below...

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