Wolverine: Patch #1

Wolverine Patch seemed like a great idea. It’s a way to dig into his past while letting the creative team to have fun. 

Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1

I absolutely am in awe of what Yara Flor has brought to this event of The Amazons 

Ghost Cage #1

Image Comics new series, Ghost Cage, is amazing! And has already made hints at all of us playing a part in it's story

Rogues #1

Living a life of crime catches up to you, and now the Rogues are having to  pay their debt back. 


This might be the best issue of Killadelphia yet. I recognize there have been powerful issues but not like this one.

An American Legend.

while reading Titan Comics’ graphic novel, The Man Who Shot Chris Kyle: An American Legend, I felt as though I was really there. 

We Have Demons #1

The fate of creation itself is at stake, because the fact is We Have Demons. It’s time we talk about it. 

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