Moon Knight #10

Moon Knight has always been one of Marvel’s more mysterious characters, and this issue doesn’t move too far away from the status quo. 

X-Men Red #1

What are you doing with your life? This is the question each member of the team have to confront before the end of X-Men Red # 1. 

Marauders #1

What adventure remains for a pirate captain after conquering the 7 seas? We’ll get that answer at the end of Marvel’s Marauders #1. 

Something is Killing Children #21

After a several month hiatus, James Tynion IV's Boom! Studios smash hit is finally back in comic stores. 

Earth Prime #1

It’s finally happening! The CW’s Arrowverse is Officially joining the DC Comics verse in Earth Prime #1: Batwoman! 

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1

Terry is back, Bruce is gone. Batman lives on, Batman endures. And Neo Year is a look into whether Gotham needs a Batman. 

A Town Called Terror #1

Syzmon Kudranski’s style is reason enough to give this title a look, never mind the fact Steve Niles is writing the series. 

Radiant Red #2

You have to love a good villain sales speech, don’t ya? Since first being fully introduced in Radiant Black #6, I have awaited one answer. 

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