GWW Comic Pull List #15

A Thing Called Truth is an engaging road trip story with two compelling female protagonists, that’s unique in a number of ways. 

Bolero #4

From the moment I first heard about Bolero, I knew it was going to be for me. I was just so intrigued by the cover and the sound of the solicit for #1. 

Knights of X #1

A celebrity makes an appearance to open the issue. The 616 Jersey Devil, seems to have changed area codes, deciding to spend time in Otherworld. 

Beyond The White Knight #2

In Batman: Beyond the White Knight Bruce has to deal with the sudden appearance of Jack from the grave. 

Newburn #6

Fresh off perhaps the best issue of the series, Chip Zdarsky and Jacob Phillips take readers down a different path with Newburn #6. 

Blood Stained Teeth #1

Put on your sunscreen and glasses. Cause without them the art and colors of this book will burn you like a Vampire in the sun. 

Rogue Sun #3

Rogue Sun is one of the best ongoing titles in comics. Ryan Parrott and Abel’s third issue is further confirmation of that, adding a major wrinkle to the story. 

Hotell Vol. 2 #5

If you ever encounter someone who doesn’t think a book or comic can scare them, hand them Hotell. Absolute nightmare fuel. 

Lost Magic

What if I told you all the stories you’ve ever heard of monsters are real? They just belong to another world - inexplicably connected to Earth. 

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