OMG! A Horror Anthology.

Horror anthologies can do the heart some good in the era of flashy, brightly colored comics. This is where “OMG! A Horror Anthology” comes in.

The Tigers Tongue #1

The Tiger’s Tongue is an all-age fantasy comic series written that entices the reader by its beautiful illustrations and colors. 

Nightwing #92

There’s no question Tom Taylor is the man at DC right now. He’s absolutely rolling on Superman: Son of Kal-El but his most impressive work has to be with Nightwing. 

Krakoa’s Angels.

In terms of substance and evidence, Krakoa is a new testament of the faith of the mutant species.

Hunter’s #1

Before getting into actual story, the DC vs Vampires — Hunters #1 cover is unreal. Jonboy Meyers really is one of the best in the business. 

Punisher #3

Marvel’s new Punisher series has brought the heat from the jump, but this week’s issue is an exciting cut above the other issues. 

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