GWW Comic Pull List #8

Wow! It’s already our 8th time doing this, so by now you should know the drill. Time to look at this week's comics!

Punisher #1

Anytime I here “The Punisher” I know that I’m in for a wild run of brutal murders and this first edition of Punisher doesn’t disappoint. 

So Live X Lives

By possessing Wolverine, Omega Red has removed the only obstacle to assassinating Xavier. Thankfully no one, not even Logan, knows the whole story. 

Women of Marvel #1

Women of Marvel is a fabulous compendium featuring the work of the women behind Marvel. 

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #1

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse gives us a five part mini series that takes play after the events of Spiderverse: Spider-Gwen. 

Captain Carter #1

Captain Carter continues the story featured in the Disney+ series What If Peggy got injected with the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers. 

Little Monsters #1

They're at it again. Nguyen and Lemire make a tale of... boredom? No, much more than that because Little Monsters tells the tale of the last children on earth. 

Trial of The Amazons #1

It’s about time the Amazonians got more attention! I can’t believe we get to see them together in this event. 

Radiant Red #1

Radiant Red # 1 opens with the moment Satomi makes the decision that changes her life. Anyone who caught this sequence in Radiant Black # 6 will notice the difference. 

Nottingham #6

A King’s Ransom kicks off with issue #6 and completely changes the game for The Sheriff and Robin Hood. 

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