Halo TV Series

Halo's new TV series on Paramount+ finally has a release date!

By Heather Houston

January 31, 2022

And we get a Great look at the new TV Series Trailer

Halo has been beloved by fans since its debut in 2001. 

Award-Winning Franchise

This enigmatic glimpse gives us a great look at what is to come in March without giving too much away!

The story is completely new within a world that you know and love.

Here's hoping for some history into Master Chief's origins!

We see new faces

Quan Ah


Old friends come to play

Jen Taylor and Natascha McElhone

Dr Chatherine Halsey and Cortana

We will get at least one season, but Season 2 hopes look dark and gloomy.

What are you most looking forward to?