Hello Neighbor 2.

I can’t believe it’s been over 4 years since we got our first look at our creepy neighbor in Hello Neighbor, and now its time for us to dive deeper into his secrets with Hello Neighbor 2!

Quintin The Reporter

in the first installment you played as Nicky Roth. In the sequel you play as Quentin, a reporter investigating a series of missing persons cases, including Nicky Roths.

New Foes.

From now on you won’t only be facing  The Neighbor, but also The Baker, Mayor, Taxidermy, and the cats and dogs. Yes there's’ dogs and cats in Hello Neighbor now

The A.I

Oh yea, there’s also an A.I for The Neighbor and every other new foe that learns from how you play making it much harder than the original game.


Nikita Kolesnikov is the lead designer of Hello Neighbor 2 and all games before it.  Released by tinyBuild and Gearbox Software. Hello Neighbor 2 will be playable on Play Station, Xbox and PC.

Game Trailer

If you’d like to get a first look sneak peak at Hello Neighbor 2, click the link below to watch the trailer. 

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