We interviewed Mark London

We interviewed the CEO of Madcave Comics and asked questions, such as what his first comic was, his favorite comics, favorite writers, and favorite artists.

His First Comic.

As we sat in the coffee shop I asked what his first comic was? He glanced to the side and said it had to be Silver Surfer #53.

What Was His Favorite Comic Series?

After I got his first comic I had to ask what his favorite series was! He said it had to be the Infinity Gauntlet comics.

His Favorite Writers.

As I asked about his favorite writers, he said that Morrison, Moore, and Gaiman made an impact but, Geoff Jones, Mark Millar,  and Tom King had to be his all-time favorites.

Favorite Artists

While on the topic of writers I figured I’d take a shot at his favorite artists. He answered saying they had to be, George Perez, Neil Adams, Mike Mignola, and Sam Keith.

First Created

As I asked this question Mark tapped his fingers then said, "In 6th Grade my teacher had us make a 5-page comic, I made a 30 paged recreation of the X-Men".

Madcave’s First comic

Mark said that the first comic for Madcave was “Midnight Task Force”.  It was actually meant to be a screenplay but it never was released.

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