About the “IT” supercut

In today’s web-story we’ll be talking about the IT supercut. Where it is,  if it was even real, and what it will come with if it is.

What is “IT”?

“IT” is an alien the landed in the fictional town of Derry in the 1700s.  She takes the form of Bob Grey aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

What “IT” IS?

As the main antagonist of both IT and its sequel  “IT” she took over the town feeding on the children for over 150 years until  the Loser’s Club defeats her.

What is the supercut?

In IT chapter one there was around 11 deleted scenes.  IT chapter two has zero extended or deleted scenes.  The supercut could include all those missing scenes. 

Where is the supercut?

The most recent news about the supercut came from Finn Wolfhard in 2020, simply stating “Andy Muschietti has been super busy”. At the time, Andy was working on The Flash. 

Will there be an It supercut?

Perhaps Andy has pushed the supercut back for so long because it  was just an idea? For now, we'll just have to hope and wait

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