SEC Approves Ethereum ETFs

The SEC approved multiple Ethereum ETF applications, marking a significant milestone for crypto integration into traditional finance, boosting market confidence.

Donald Trump expressed support for the cryptocurrency sector, indicating a major shift in his stance and potentially influencing future U.S. crypto regulations.

Trump Supports Crypto

JP Morgan’s Skepticism

JP Morgan is skeptical about SEC approving Solana and other crypto ETFs without new legislation, highlighting regulatory challenges in expanding crypto ETFs.

BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF

BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF became the largest Bitcoin fund globally, demonstrating strong institutional interest and confidence in Bitcoin as a mainstream investment.

Musk Denies Crypto Talks

Elon Musk denied discussing cryptocurrencies with Donald Trump, affirming his support for decentralization and refuting campaign-related rumors.

Bitfarms Rejects Offer

Bitfarms rejected Riot Platforms’ takeover bid, valuing the company higher and seeking better strategic opportunities, reflecting confidence in its market position.

Fraud Losses Decrease

Crypto fraud and hack losses dropped by 12% in May, indicating improved security in the cryptocurrency industry amidst continued efforts to enhance blockchain security.