Bitcoin ETF Volumes Surge

Bitcoin ETF trading volumes hit a seven-week high, driving BTC price close to $67,000, indicating strong institutional interest.

Binance is under investigation for alleged tax evasion, highlighting increasing regulatory scrutiny on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Binance Faces Legal Troubles

Bitcoin's 'Golden Cross' Signal

Bitcoin approaches a 'Golden Cross' signal, where the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average, often leading to significant price gains.

Wisconsin's $100M Bitcoin ETF Investment

The state investment fund of Wisconsin invested nearly $100 million in BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF, showing growing institutional confidence in Bitcoin.

Hong Kong Expands Digital Yuan Trial

Hong Kong extends its digital yuan trial, enhancing cross-border transactions and promoting the adoption of China’s digital currency.

Shiba Inu's Token Scarcity Increases

ShibaSwap's integration with Shibarium blockchain will increase SHIB token burn rate, potentially driving up the token’s value.

Turkey's Crypto Licensing Bill

Turkey proposes a new bill requiring crypto companies to obtain licenses, aiming to regulate and attract more crypto businesses.