Legally Blonde 3 Coming Soon

By Heather E. Houston

We are excited to watch Elle Wood's story continue in whatever path she has chosen to take.

Legally Blonde is getting the Godfather treatment with a third movie coming out in May. But will it be worthy of a bend and snap?

Mindy Kaling is joining as a writer for the film. Kaling has been a long-time fan of Elle's and is looking forward to giving this character another chance to shine.

Kaling promises to stay true to the original films while bringing in a new aspect of Elle’s life. What is life after your happily ever after?

She will probably still be married to Emmett and be her own remarkable fairy tale. In this fairy tale, the damsel grabs hold of the prize and the prince through sheer tenacity and hardwork.

There isn’t much about how this will get derailed just yet but new and old faces alike will make an appearance

How has Paulette Parcelle's life gone after the events of Legally Blonde 2? Kaling hints at "Really Juicy" appearance in the upcoming film.

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