Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley

Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley, bringing his iconic mix of wit, humor, and fearless detective work to the beloved franchise.

Judge Reinhold reprises his role as Billy Rosewood, Axel Foley's loyal but occasionally clumsy partner, adding a humorous touch to the action.

Judge Reinhold as Billy Rosewood

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins Cast

Joseph Gordon-Levitt debuts in the series as Detective Bobby Abbott, bringing fresh energy and new challenges to the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Kevin Bacon as Captain Grant

Kevin Bacon joins as Captain Grant, adding his extensive experience in both serious and comedic roles, promising a dynamic character in the new film.

Bronson Pinchot Returns as Serge

Bronson Pinchot returns as Serge, the quirky art store worker, providing familiar humor and nostalgia for longtime fans.

John Ashton as John Taggart

John Ashton returns as John Taggart, Axel Foley's old friend and straight-laced colleague, rekindling the fun dynamic from previous films.

Taylour Paige as Jane Foley

Taylour Paige stars as Jane Foley, Axel's daughter, whose safety becomes the central plot point, adding a personal dimension to Axel's new adventure.