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Oh, Crit! Session 3

The HIGHS and lows of staying at a nexus of Geekdom online and on the ground.

By Heather Houston

February 8, 2022

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Greetings, from the GWW! 

I'm Heather.

And I'm all excited about the Halo franchise coming to the small screen.

We are over the Covid for now...

Saxy is coming right along and still very early days...

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So much was supposed to happen this weekend. Then Carl got sick. (Carl is my car. Yes, I'm one of those.)

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We got him towed to a reputable shop

I worried about how sick he must be and how much it was going to cost to fix.

His battery was dead 🤣

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To drown my sorrows, I played a round or four of Dungeon Mayhem with my Kiddo.

He kicked my ass.

Last week, I was falling in love with Jody's origin story...

This week, I've been falling in love with her ending of Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf  😍

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Also having some Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings fun with The Hubs on Tabletop Simulator!

And my Conquest Companion 1.5 arrived!

And Nothing Went to Plan

How was your Week-In-Geek? Any Oh, Crit! moments?  Let me know by using hashtag #ohcrit