Quantum Leap Begins Again Soon! Here's 5 Things to Remember from the Original before the dramatic return!


The original seasons were set in 1999. This revival season is announced to take place in 2022, 23 years after Sam's final leap.

The Leaper

Sam Beckett leapt to prove his theory or lose his funding. Ben Song will be finding out what happened to him.

The Hologram

Al Calavicci was Sam's friend and companion, helping him from the present. Addison will be helping Ben in the revival.

The Project

The initial project took place in Stallion's Gate, New Mexico. We will have to see if the revival will take place at the same location.

The Team

The Project team included programmer Gushie, technician Tina, psychiatrist Verbena Beeks, and Ziggy, the parallel hybrid computer built to run Quantum Leap.

Quantum Leap starts airing Mondays at 10PM/9PM Central starting September 19th and also on the Peacock streaming service.