Everything Revealed at the Thor: Love and Thunder Red Carpet World Premiere

By: Blacklight on TheGWW.com

On Thursday the 23rd, the Red Carpet World Premiere for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder, their most recent silver screen foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, took place in Hollywood.

Jamie Alexander confirms that she’ll reprise her role as Lady Sif, saying she didn’t have to train for this film  and that “we’ll see why”, joking that it’s because “she’s naturally a badass”.

Kieron L. Dyer confirms his role as Axl in Thor: Love and Thunder, saying it’s his first MCU film and that he filmed scenes on both digital and real-life sets.

Sean Gunn teases his role as Kraglin, saying that he’s “always growing”, and that he’s on “quite a journey”.

Natalie Portman said she’s love to work with Brie Larson on an MCU project, mentioning how she’s a friend of Larson and loves the character of Captain Marvel.

Tessa Thompson teases her “Queen” in Thor: Love and Thunder, and says a crossover between Valkyrie and the Wakandans would be “fun”.

Chris Hemsworth jokes that the scene where Zeus “flicks off” Thor’s clothes was “11 years in the making”, as they removed an extra piece of clothing in each film.

Christian Bale teases a deleted dance sequence with Gorr, saying “there’s a lot of gold that Taika shot”, including “creepy stuff” and stuff that had him “dying of laughter”.

Taika Waititi says that revealing Thor’s “buns” was his idea, joking that Chris Hemsworth has done a lot of work so he should “show it off”.

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