Here in a few months we’ll finally be able to watch the Disney+ She-Hulk Mini series. But until then lets talk about the trailer.

Who is in it?

Well just from first looks at the trailer we can see that we’ll get the return of Tim Roth as Abomination and Mark Ruffalo as the hulk.

Possible villains

There’s few villains that they could give us for this show. Such as, Abomination, Red Hulk. And even Titania.

Red Hulk

We have yet to see Red Hulk in the MCU but the She-Hulk series would be the perfect way to introduce him. Maybe as an end credit scene in the final episode?


We first saw Abomination in the 2008 film, The Incredible Hulk. And again in the 2021 film, Shang Chi: And The Legend of The Ten Rings. and now in 2022 She-Hulk


Another guaranteed villain in this show is Titania, my bet is that she’ll be the lead villain as her and She-Hulk have had a long past in the comics and Abomination is more of Hulks villain.


From what we know the cast of She-Hulk will contain, Tatiana Maslany, Tim Roth, Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Wong, Jameela Jamil and William Hurt

Watch the Trailer.

If you’d like to see and learn more about the She-Hulk show watch the first full trailer on YouTube by clicking the link below. 

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