What is it?

Sifu tells the story of a Kung Fu student that’s on a path of revenge. The story of Sifu unfolds through some minor cutscenes and dialogue that you have with boss encounters.

Is it easy?

God no! It took me hours to master the controls to get past the first level. And even still I struggled with later bosses. The controls in this game are no joke.


Sifu’s gameplay requires you to really master your skills. If you don’t master the parry system and the combos you are going to have a really hard time beating the levels.

The style.

The style feels reminiscent of a watercolor painting. Every single stage that you visit is beautiful. At one point all I wanted to do was pause the game and go in photo mode.


Great style, authentic kung fu fighting, good music, nice story. Overall it's a good game but we have more to talk about.


Here we are at the cons, let's start. Controls, take a lot of time to learn. Camera moves while playing. It's not much and I didn’t mind them a whole lot.


This is a great game and a must play. But it’s also a game that requires a lot of patience and if you don’t have that I don’t recommend playing it. 8/10

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