The 355

Today we'll be talking about a new spy movie called The 355 and everything that comes with it. Good or bad.

Everything good about it.

I hate to say it but there's not a whole lot that good about this aside from the cast, costumes and locations of filming.

Everything bad about it.

This film had so much potential with it. It had a great cast, great filming locations and surprisingly great costumes. But none of that can help it now.

The pacing.

Now when a movie cuts to another scene its should be similar to the last scene, Not with this film. Every time it cuts the next scene has nothing to do with the previous one.


Most movies at least know when to play the right music, not with this film. In one action scene they played suspenseful music and yet all that happened in that scene was guns no suspense.  


At the end of the movie we got a shown a ton of ways they could make more movies. lets just hope the sequel is better than this film.


This movie has a great cast including. Jessica Chastain, Fan Bingbing, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong'o and Sebastian Stan.

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