The Company Man.

The Company Man is a game developed by Forust Studio, and released by Leoful Games, earlier this month. You can play it on Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation and PC.

What I liked.

As a kid I loved watching Cartoon Network, and this game really reminded me of those days again. Other things that I like is the style of the game.

Like when the character dies he's given a box as though he was fired, and how the checkpoints are coffee rooms and the character regenerates life through coffee, I just love it.

What I disliked.

The only thing I would say that i didn’t like would be the combat controls, as it’s too simple with only one button for melee and the other for special attacks.

I just would have liked it better if they had made it a bit more difficult with more movement controls and maybe some more attack controls.


The Company Man is a classic action platformer where you play as your average salesman Jim, trying to climb the company ladder.

To beat the game you must beat your co-workers with keyboards, shoot you evil bosses with emails to become the best!