The duel between Ben and Vader is no longer believable from episode 4. Let’s dive deep into how this came to be and what this duel needs to fit into the continuity again. Part 1/4

Justin Vader

I don’t believe Disney has ruined Star Wars or that continuity as a whole has been thrown out for profit. Many of the gripes people have about continuity just needs analysis to make sense.

I believe all the developments listed are for the good of Star Wars. I haven’t agreed with everything Disney has done, but they have nailed the characterization of Darth Vader time and time again.

The release of Rogue One showed us our worst fears of Darth Vader’s raw power. We see him massacre rebels, break necks for fun…

The Dark Lord

Defeat an inquisitor without drawing a lightsaber, rip a starship from the sky, and mercilessly battle Obi-Wan.

He is truly a master of evil and shows off his brutal strength. Vader is clearly at the peak of his power in Kenobi, and he hasn’t lost it by Rogue One.

This is what so many kids and adults have imagined Darth Vader as. I commend Disney on going further than even George Lucas was willing.

Kenobi teaches us something even more important about Vader. It teaches us that Darth Vader is the evilest, most brutal person you can imagine.

There’s a keyword in that sentence, though: person. Even after being trapped in the suit, Darth Vader is still very much Anakin Skywalker, whether he wants to admit it.

He is human, has emotions, feels hatred, and remembers his past. His raw emotions are palpable throughout the series, and Anakin wants nothing more than to exact revenge on Obi-Wan.

He doesn’t just want Obi-Wan dead; he wants Obi-Wan to suffer. The Star Wars Rebels animated series and the Darth Vader comics only further reinforce all of the aforementioned ideals.

Master Kenobi

In the next story, we will dig deeper into Obi Wan Kenobi's powers and connections and the Fateful Duel.