Another Flash Movie Streaks to the screen in 2022 starring Ezra Miller with a multiverse twist.

By Heather E. Houston

Holy multiverse, Batman! You aren't seeing double... Ezra Miller will be playing more than one version of Barry. 

Barry is at it again, and this time he's enlisted help! DC fans will have their moment for all familiar faces to gather once again.

The talk of the town thus far has got to be the addition of not one but two batmen. Michael Keaton will once again don his cowl! Ben Affleck will also be reprising his role.

The trailer and images released thus far have hinted at a darker ending for Batman. Will he wind up with blood on his hands or just plain dead?

Not only will there be multiple cowls in the mix, but we also get to see Supergirl in action! She should be a treat for fans that have waited for her on the big screen.

Does this concept feel done to anyone else? Is that just me? Okay, great... Moving on. I am looking forward to seeing where different actors bring their roles coming to screens in November.

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Blue Rings

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