Thor: Love and Thunder.

Today we’ll be talking  about Taika Waititi’s, Thor: Love and Thunder,  cast, what to expect from it. and possible villains.


The cast of this film is the best I’ve seen in a long time, they obviously have Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson, and Jeff Goldblum.

But what's less obvious is that they'll have the cast cast of, Guardians of the Galaxy and Christian Bale playing Gorr the god butcher.

Sadly though we will not be getting Tom Hiddleston back as Loki, but it does make sense as in the main timeline he is already dead.

Movie hype.

The hype behind this film is huge, as Taika Waititi said “Everything we did right with Ragnarok, has been turned up to 11 in this film.”

As well as, “this might be the best Marvel film ever” which are big words especially after Spider-Man: No Way Home.


In this movie we're finally getting Christian Bale in the MCU as the main antagonist Gorr the God Butcher


We don’t have any trailer yet, or any in sight. As this film won’t be released until July 8th of this year, which is still a while away.