Metaplanet Increases Bitcoin Holdings

Metaplanet buys an additional $6 million in Bitcoin, funded by a bond sale, raising its total BTC investment to $15 million.

54% of Japanese institutional investors plan to invest in crypto within three years, viewing it as a portfolio diversifier.

Japanese Institutional Investors Eye Crypto

Biden Popular Vote vs. Presidency Odds

Prediction markets show Biden likely winning the popular vote, but Trump has a higher chance of becoming president.

PoliFi Tokens Recover After DJT Link Fails

PoliFi tokens regain value after no solid evidence connects DJT token to Trump campaign or his family.

German Government Moves Bitcoin to Exchanges

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police transfers $24 million in Bitcoin to Kraken and Coinbase, indicating potential asset liquidation.

Investcorp and Securitize Partnership

Investcorp and Securitize partner to tokenize funds, aiming to create on-chain Real World Assets and improve investor efficiency.

ZynCoin Resolves Dispute with Philip Morris

ZynCoin and Philip Morris settle legal dispute, allowing ZynCoin to continue using the 'zyn' prefix with minor marketing adjustments.