Where is The Turtle?

In Stephen Kings IT we’re introduced to the universal Turtle known as Maturin. But who is he and why haven’t we seen him in the films?

Who is Maturin

Maturin is a mystical animal that guards the the Dark Tower in the Stephen King universe. He also created earth and the known universe and is the mortal enemy of IT.

Who is IT

IT is a creature that was created when Maturin puked out the universe, and is the main antagonist of both IT films and the books.

Why Isn’t He in The Films.

There's no clear reason as to why Maturin isn’t in the films, but we did get hints to him throughout the films and IT  claimed that Maturin died while choking on a universe.

Future Films

Though we haven’t seen Maturin in any of the films so far. We have a high chance of seeing him in the upcoming series “Welcome To Derry” that will be streaming on HBO Max.

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