Exciting Partnership Unveiled

Wonderful® Pistachios is named the “Official Snack” of Combo Breaker 2024, enhancing the gaming experience with healthy snacks.

Experience the new No Shells Jalapeño Lime flavor, a guilt-free option to keep you fueled during intense gaming sessions.

No Shells, No Limits

A Must-Visit Event

Join the fun at Combo Breaker in Chicago, featuring pistachio samples, a pistachio costume, and a chance to win a year's supply.

Engaging Online Community

Don't miss the engaging ads with Sheldon the tortoise during the Twitch livestreams of this anticipated esports event.

Gaming's Broad Appeal

With 212 million weekly players, the diverse and growing gaming community is an ideal audience for Wonderful Pistachios.

Tailored for Every Gamer

Every gamer’s style is matched by Wonderful Pistachios’ range, offering tasty, healthy snacking options.

Snack Smart, Play Hard

Stay full and focused longer with pistachios, packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, ideal for marathon gaming.