They did it!

Yesterday out of nowhere famous YouTuber Mr. Beast went on the Joe Rogan podcast and talked about what he did to get his success of 200 Million subscribers!! 

Who is Mr. Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson known professionally as Mr. Beast is a large YouTuber that has been credited with recreating the Korean show Squid Game.

He is also known as a  pioneer of videos containing expensive stunts and helping the poor, he has also started translating his videos to, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi. And soon to be Japanese!

Who Is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is an American podcaster, Ultimate Fighting Championship color commentator, comedian, actor, and former television presenter. 

What did they talk about?

For  the most part they talked about how Jimmy started as a YouTuber and his dedication to studying what worked and what didn't work on YouTube.

How did he start out?

Through the interview he said that he had started making videos on his brothers old laptop. He said that after one of his videos got good views he was hooked.

How did he grow so fast?

When Jimmy was 18-19 he and 4 other YouTubers would get on Skype and discuss what worked and what didn't work. By the end he said they all had 1 Million subscribers.

Where is he now?

He is still doing YouTube and nearly has 200 Million subscribers across all of his channels and is currently working on a studio to dub YouTube videos.

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