Welcome To Magic in College in SyFy’s “The Magicians” S.1 E.1 (Review)

Dec 18, 2015

The Magicians
SyFy Channel

Season 1. Episode 1.

I just stumbled upon this show while flipping through the channels. I have not really tuned into SyFy channel lately since it has been really letting me down recently. I absolutely loved the comedy and bizarre artifacts of “Warehouse 13” and the X-Files feel of “Sanctuary.” Once those shows fell off the schedule all I tuned in for was FaceOff. Well I believe that will change after seeing this special showing of the first episode of “The Magicians”.

The show is set to air January 25th 2016 with a double episode premiere and I can’t wait. “The Magicians” is an adult version of Harry Potter from the looks of it. Don’t get me wrong I love Mr. Potter and own all the books and movies, but sometimes you need more then a flick of a wrist and chanting Leviosa. Now instead of going through seven years at Hogwarts we get a college where magic is taught and refined by each individual. This college is called Brakebills University. Here at Brakebills all forms of magic are taught, good or bad.


We also meet some of the students at this University who are of course learning the crafts of telekinesis, illusions, healing, and seeing the future. All of this is being introduced to us, the viewer, and to the main character of this story Quentin Coldwater. Quentin played by Jason Ralph is the Harry Potter of this story. He is a nerd who is also a loner and reads a lot of fantasy books. He learned the art of magic (card tricks) to impress a girl. It is when he comes to Brakebills that he finds out he was full of real magic, with the help of the Dean.


It looks like Quentin may have an arch nemesis who shows up at the end of this episode. We don’t see much of this Villain but from the few minutes we do see of him he owns and commands the screen. Just like he who shall not be named. Overall this is an enjoyable show. I just hope this story line keeps getting better in each of the thirteen episodes that have been green-lit for season one. My only problem with the show is that it can be a little dim witted but the overall story line will keep you tuned in. The other characters we meet in this first episode are interesting and I hope we get to learn more about them. I am told this is based off of a trilogy of books by the same name written by Liv Grossman. If I keep getting more and more interested in this story I might be purchasing these books to become more involved in the lore and world they are building. Just when I thought I was out SyFy channel pulled me back in. Bravo SyFy for once again bringing a potentially great series back to your line up.


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