Welcome to the Multiverse – “Superman” #14 Review

Jan 4, 2017

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Superman #14
DC Comics

Written By: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Art By: Joe Prado and Ivan Reis

Superman still really hasn’t let me down yet in the current Rebirth universe. And issue #14, it continues to impress me, where as other Rebirth titles has lost me at this point. Let’s jump into “Multiplicity” Part 1 and I’ll tell you why I continue to love this run.

With the start of a new story arc, we have to have a setup issue, it’s inevitable. What’s cool though is that Superman has always had great setup issues. This one isn’t an exception either. This was a very fun issue and the action was great. I love that we get introduced to characters from different Earths and the focus on the multiverse.

The Justice League Incarnate is a team of heroes from all different Earths and they are a great looking team. With alternate characters like Mary Marvel, Aquawoman, Red Racer, and Machinehead, it’s so great to see this alternate Earth team together to investigate this new threat. I honestly wouldn’t mind a new ongoing run with this team. The new threat introduced here is an ominous entity called the Lyst. All the Supermen spanning different Earths are on this list for consumption and termination and I’m very interested in see where this is going. This is a huge multi dimensional threat and this is going to take many heroes to take it down.

The threat that brings the JLI to Earth 0, is one that’s after Kenan Kong, the New Super-Man. I love his inclusion here as it really brings the Rebirth universe together but also shows that the Lyst shouldn’t be taken lightly. Kenan is taken down very easily by the goons of the Lyst, the Gatherers. If they can take Kenan down so effortlessly then Clark is in grave danger. I’m hoping he can put up a great fight with the JLI.

The art by Joe Prado and Ivan Reis is so great too. Each one of the heroes look awesome and they all get their own little spotlight and are drawn with such detail. Everything in the panels are clear and it’s very easy to follow what’s going on in the art without having to look too long at it. The action is so great too and I was excited to see what was happening. One of the coolest parts in the art in this issue happens when Superman charges up his heat vision. He looks so great and love how his eyes glow.

This was such a fun issue and I loved it. Tomasi and Gleason still continue to impress me with how well they can write a Superman story. Prado and Reis’ art is beautifully awesome and I love the action in it. I can’t wait to continue where this multiverse story goes and I’m excited to explore different Earth’s Supermen.