Wellington # 4 (REVIEW)

Jun 11, 2020



Wellington # 4
IDW Comics

Story by: Aaron Mahnke & Delilah S Dawson
Art by: Piotr Kowalski
Colors by: Brad Simpson
Letters by: Valeria Lopez

Growing up, Sunday mornings comics pages were always the best. Unlike the Monday thru Saturday funnies these were in color and so obviously the kid in me was more entertained by them. Mixed upon the other strips one always stood out. The strip Prince Valiant always seemed more mature than the others. This is the impression I got from my reading of issue 4 of IDW’s Wellington.

The first thing I notice when reading Wellington is the art. Piotr Kowalski and Brad Simpson produce a harmonious performance that helps this beautiful tale as it progresses. I found it amazing how Kowalski’s technique morphed the Duke’s Goddaughter from demonic entity to innocent looking without missing a beat. Colors abound and leap off the page thanks to Simpson’s hand. From the stunning sight of the sunset while the Duke and Fitz speak, to the glimmer of torches at night it is all amazing.

The dialogue this issue was very strong. Some of the words spoken by the Goddaughter echo and speak such volume, this character standouts. You can hear each phrase spoken with an almost sinister, demonic tone. The previously mentioned exchange between the Duke and Fitz is also powerful and give the events taking place this issue their true weight.

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If not for a few panels, you could forget this story is a flashback. As stated the art is so wonderfully crafted that Duke and the investigator are only visible in shadows. As the Duke recalls this adventure by the fire, I couldn’t help feeling a sense of a Frostian tale. With having sent his family home, uncertain who he can trust…it seems things for the Duke of Wellington are diverging. As the issue ends in a cliffhanger, we are left wondering….which road did he take?

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