‘Westworld’ Renewed for Season 4

Apr 22, 2020

On 22 April 2020, The HBO Show ‘Westworld’ was officially renewed for a fourth season.

Westworld’s official Twitter account announced the show’s renewal. Later, Warner Media retweeted the announcement.

‘Westworld’ is a sci-fi drama show helmed by couple Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. The show is critically acclaimed and deals with robots called ‘hosts’, inner human desires, and existential questions.

Season 3 of ‘Westworld’ has seen the show undergo a somewhat soft reboot that took its characters out of the theme park. The show seems to be building up to a conflict between the hosts and the humans in the final episodes of the season. How everything will wrap up is up for speculation with many fan theories going around. Now it appears that the show may not have to answer all those questions. Another season should be beneficial for the show leaving Joy and Nolan more episodes to continue their narratives satisfactorily. If anything can be said, it is that fans can without a doubt look forward to more episodes of a fantastic show.

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The timing of the show’s renewal is not surprising as it comes only a day after Warner Bros set an official release date for HBO Max: 27 May 2020. ‘Westworld’ will be a key asset for the new streaming service. Subscribers will have access to episodes from the current and previous seasons. Furthermore, HBO Max needs to line up new content for the coming months and years. Fortunately, Season 4 of ‘Westworld’ should now be directly available to watch on HBO Max as soon as it releases.

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