What is League of Legends Clash? (LOL Clash 2022)

Dec 20, 2021


Do you often plan to organize a tournament with your friends to compete against other teams? Do you want to compete for fantastic rewards and treasure with other League of Legends players? The Clash competition is all you need to satisfy your cravings, and you’re in luck right now. We’ll be posting all about League of Legends Clash in this article. Here is everything you need to learn about the League’s championship. Please take a seat, and let’s get started.

What is League of Legends?

Riot Games‘ League of Legends is among the most well-known video games worldwide. It has a team-based game mode that is specifically based on outplaying your opponents and strategizing. Players cooperate to break the opponent Nexus before the enemy team breaks it. League of Legends is a challenging game that combines top-notch strategy with fast-paced action. Skilled players understand how to defeat the enemy before them while also considering macro-elements to help their team win.

League of Legends Gameplay

Each team places its players in different parts of Summoner’s Rift to confront an opponent and take dominance for their team. This is the most popular map of League of Legends. Players execute various objectives as the game continues, such as collecting computer-controlled minions, eliminating champions (player-controlled characters), and removing turrets (which protect each team’s side of the battlefield). Players utilize the gold earned from these goals to strengthen their winner and boost their team’s dominance over the game. When a squad can take advantage of these superiorities to move into the opponent team’s base and break the Nexus, they win.

League of Legends Clash

Clash is a League of Legends tournament format in which players create teams to battle against one another. This model showcases what professional players go through in the big leagues: the thrills, the pleasure, and the fashion. Once every two weeks, this event takes place over two days, on Saturday and Sunday. Players can start forming or joining teams on Monday of Clash week. The contest, however, will not start till the weekend. 

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The higher the awards you obtain at the end of the tournament, the more matches you win during the tournament. Even if you don’t win or make it to the finals, accumulating enough credits during the competition will earn you a Clash flag.

The flag can be shown on your profile, and it will appear on the Summoners’ rift whenever you play. Isn’t it cool?


The tournament registration commences on Monday of Clash week. You can either form your squad or join one that already exists. The game gives you one basic ticket and indicates your chosen roles in the hub portion.

The tickets are divided into two categories: premium and essential. Both sorts of tickets can be obtained using RP, but the basic ticket can only be obtained with blue essence. The premium version costs 975RP, while the standard version is 195RP or 975BE. The rewards won are classified by the characteristics of vouchers used to subscribe.

You can form a squad with allies or join other teams that are seeking players. When you select the free-agent option, the simulation will notify other groups that you are available.

When you form a team, you become the captain. You’ll be in charge of deciding on the team’s name, tag, and icon. During the champion choice phase, you are also in charge of banning the team.

Eligibility Criteria

To compete in the Clash competition, you must first obtain a rank. A new account, on the other hand, will be ineligible. A ranked account will be able to participate.

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Last but not least, you would be required to verify your account by entering your mobile number. To check that number, the league client will transmit a one-time pin (OTP).

Different Phases in Clash


That’s the stage in which team members choose their roles and lock in to show that they are available. It can last 4 Hrs and 15 Mins, but once everybody on the team has locked in, you can move on to the next one right away.


At this point, your squad will be placed in the 8-team group, and the videogame will reveal details about your opponents. The data includes everything from mastery to match record and rating, and it’s all made accessible for you. Please make use of it to arrange your picks and bans. This section lasts seven to eight minutes, and make sure to ban the enemies main champions, especially if they’re playing one of these most annoying mid laners

Champion Selection Phase

This stage is identical to that of professional competition. You are awarded three bans and three picks. After that, you are given two bans and two picks.


Teams compete in tiers during the tournament. These are skill levels designed to ensure that everyone competes against people of similar ability levels. Your MMR rank determines your tier (matchmaking rating). There are four different Clash tiers to choose from:

  • Tier-4: Bronze/Silver
  • Tier-3: Gold
  • Tier-2: Platinum
  • Tier-1 & Higher: Diamond 


League of Legends is a must to try. When it comes to Clash, this competitiveness and challenges make it much more entertaining. Check out our other blogs and comment in the comment section.


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