What Technologies are Used To Develop Gamstop System?

Dec 23, 2020


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If there is any organization or body we should look up to as our protectors from harmful gambling and the dangers that come with it, the body must be the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). This body has been nothing short of efficient in the discharge of their civic responsibilities, in the last few years. A favorite among their recent exploits has to be the Gamstop self-exclusion system.

We can clearly see the reason and the goal in the mind of the commission that gave birth to the initiation of this novel social responsibility code via a virtual self-exclusion program to cover all the parts of the nation. We are also aware of those this new scheme will help the most. Should you not have an idea as to who this program will affect positively, this program will come in handy for casino enthusiasts who seek a way out of the coffers of problem gambling.

The cloud set on this scheme that we must take care of in this text is concerning the working of this nationwide online scheme. Majorly, we seek to expose you to the technologies employed to create the Gamstop system. Follow through to know more about this and more on the process of this online self-exclusion program known as Gamstop.

How Does Gamstop Work?

To get familiar with the workings and the process of this self-exclusion program called Gamstop, we must delineate how it works into different segments; which will include:

·  The Registration Process For Customers

·  Compulsory Checks By Gambling Operators On Customers

·  Filtering Marketing Lists By Gambling Operators

We will start with The Registration Process For Customers

You will be permitted to work on certain parts of the Gamstop program before you register. But you can only self-exclude from these gambling operators after you have completed the main registration. And to go through with the main registration, you must provide some personal details that will be used to enlist you with the services of this program. These details include:

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·  Your full name and title if there is any;

·  Your date of birth;

·  Your mobile number;

·  Your primary email address, and any other email addresses which you would like to be part of your self-exclusion; then finally

·  Your residential address (containing your postcode), and any additional addresses you would like to be part of your self-exclusion.

After you have provided these details, some other steps must be taken before your registration can be completed successfully.

·  Selecting Your Minimum Self-Exclusion Period

You will be required to choose how long you want your self-exclusion program to last at least. You gave the chance to choose to make it last for 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years depending on your preference. 

Any of these options you choose will be the least period your registration will last for. You won’t be able to gamble at any licensed casino sites. Many players ask CasinoGap.org to remove GamStop but the only thing you can find there is “way around”.

·  Replying Certain Queries

You will be needed to give replies to some questions after you have provided all of the details we pointed out earlier.

·  Third-Party Verification

Presently, Gamstop makes use of the TransUnion provider to conduct this third party verification procedure to ascertain your identity.

Compulsory Checks By Gambling Operators On Customers

This is another segment of the Gamstop scheme you should know of. This process is to be conducted by the gambling operators on their customers when they (the customers) register for the services of these gambling providers. They do this in just four straightforward steps.

Step 1: The customer puts in their registration details afresh if they are yet to register on this betting operator’s site. If they are they will only have to put in their existing login details.

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Step 2: The operator then runs through the locally collated CHOOSE data (for Gamstop) for any similar account.

Step 3: If there is any similar account on the CHOOSE data, the customer will not be allowed access.

Step 4: If no link or similar record is found, the customer will be allowed to place their bets.

Filtering Marketing Lists By Gambling Operators

This process will be properly discussed in a subsequent part of this text. Follow through!

Perl API

This is one of the technologies used in developing the Gamstop API, courtesy of  Github. This module is responsible for the interface to the scheme. The module features the following components:

·  The Name of the Scheme

·  The Synopsis

·  Programmatic Interface For Description

·  Prerequisite Unique API Key

·  The Attributes Of The Scheme

·  GAMSTOP API endpoint url

·  GAMSTOP API unique key for gambling operators

·  Maximum Timeout Timeframe

·  Necessary Parameters or Details

·  Optimal Parameters

·  Response or Return Value

·  The Author of the Scheme

·  Copyright and License.

Users Database

This is another technology employed in the creation of the Gamstop Scheme. It is what is used to filter marketing lists by operators. This technology by extension ensures that once you are exempted from any gambling operator, you do not receive their marketing emails or any promotional content.

Operators Portal

Only remote gambling operators that are licensed by the UKGC are granted access to this portal. They must likewise be enlisted in the GAMSTOP self-exclusion scheme. It is another one of the awesome technologies used by the Gamstop scheme to deliver this nationwide program with hassles reduced to the nearest minimum.


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