While We Wait in the Shadows

Nov 22, 2020


You’ve probably already heard of ‘What We Do in the Shadows,’ but in case you’ve gotten a case of the Brain Scramblies, here is a quick overview. A documentary crew captures the nocturnal lifestyles of vampires Nadja, Laszlo, Colin Robinson, Nandor, and his familiar Guillermo just trying to live the American dream in Staten Island without skipping a meal. I’m stoked for season 3, but it seems a while off.

While We Wait in the Shadows characters watching utter devastation

It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to get new ‘What We Do In The Shadows.’ So, Let’s kill some time between seasons by playing with some ideas that would be fun to see in season 3.

“…would be an apt place to hide in the shadows…”

We’ll start with some plot points that seemed to die with unfinished business:

  • Where’s Jenna? Does she possibly establish a vampire LARPing group? She has her newfound confidence and abilities to make her own vampiric way in the world.
  • What is Gregor’s… Jesk’s… I mean Jeff’s unfinished business? Is he the Headless Horseman – driving around Staten Island until it’s accomplished?
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When we left last season of ‘What We Do In The Shadows,’ our favorite bad-ass, Guillermo, was unable to avoid his destiny. Now, can he go back? Will he even want to? Where will they all go?

Guillermo living his destiny in What We Do in the Shadows

As out of touch as immortal bloodsuckers tend to be, Midwest farm country would be an apt place to hide in the shadows for season 3 from a threat that no longer exists. Plus, an old-fashioned, pitchfork mob would end the arc so much better there.

Pitchfork mob maybe for What we do in the shadows season 3

On a much more random note, I would also like to see them meet the mischievous Fae. The Tooth Fairy could be after their teeth, or at least, they believe she is. I can’t imagine a scarier fate for a vampire than someone stealing their fangs.

also the tooth fairy maybe for What we do in the shadows season 3

While I may doubt my head canon will ever make the cut, I have no doubts that ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Season 3 will live up to my expectations of irreverently feel-good humor. What are some things you would like to see next season?

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