What Would You Do? “Body” (Review)

Dec 13, 2015


Oscilloscope Laboratories

Directed By: Dan Berk & Robert Olson

When I first saw the poster for “Body” I thought I was getting ready for a nice bloodbath of a movie. Well, I could not have been farther from the truth. What I got was a psychological thriller from director duo Dan Berk & Robert Olson that made me question my own morals. What made this movie most interesting to me was seeing three females, getting reckless, and getting into trouble. We have seen too many horror movies in which college aged men, being stupid and adventurous get to be the stars. It was intriguing and a nice change of pace to see what just a group of women would do in such a dire situation. In body our female stars get to be more than just a sex object and cannon fodder, which seems to happen in most of these types of movies.

“Body” begins with three friends (Holly, Cali, and Mel) at home for Christmas vacation. They are bored out of their minds on a Friday night playing scrabble and smoking marijuana. All is going fine until one of them suggests “lets head on over to my Uncle’s house.” Of course he happens to be out of town. Once they arrive at the house or shall I call it a mansion, they start to really kick the party into high gear. This place has it all booze, videogames, and plenty of rooms to dance and commit debauchery in. Everything is going perfectly for the girls until the groundskeeper comes to check in on the house. That’s when everything turns upside down and an unfortunate accident brings these women back to reality.

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I found this movie to be very enjoyable even though it wasn’t the slasher flick I was expecting. There are no jump scare moments and it avoids the typical horror tropes. “Body” is a movie that lingers and will have you analyzing its outcome. You will be asking yourself what would I do in a situation like this. You might even ponder the thought of I hope my daughter would not be capable of acting in a manner like this. “Body” is all about watching these women and their personalities and how they change from the beginning of the film to the end.

Body opens today December in 11th in select theaters and on Video on Demand on the 29th.

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